Limit list/limit use of WhatsApp applications

WhatsApp Messenger is currently the best chating app to send messages via smart phone. On smartphones we only need an Internet connection and a user’s phone number to be able to use WhatsApp.

Apps built by Facebook do offer ease of use. And nowadays WhatsApp becomes a favorite and popular app among the community.

There are a lot of features that you can use, fully and completely free. From the full features to chat, it can also be to share the news, until it shares file files to others. But although free there are also limits. What’s it!

Max WhatsApp Limits

Here are some list limit/MAX limit in using WhatsApp application

  • User forwards messages up to 5 times
  • Maximum number of group members from 256 users
  • Maximum upload/Send video as well as a picture size of 16MB (* Note If the selected video is over 16MB there will be an option to crop the video)
  • The maximum broadcast limit or a broadcast message up to 256 contacts in each broadcast list
  • Unsend deadline or delete everyone’s messages (delete for everyone) about one hour after message delivery.
  • A file size limit of 100MB of documents can be sent. Files can also be apk applications, compressing files.
  • The text length limit can be up to 65.536 characters.
  • Account deletion deadline if inactive for “120 days”. This means that if the account is not connected to the WhatsApp network for 4 months the account will be disabled automatically.

For how many contact lists can we store on WhatsApp? If this may be no limit. Because I did not find any information about it.

Well that’s the maximum limitation in using WhatsApp application. If there are less apologies yaa…

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