Application/Software to Open HEIC & HEVC (H.265) Files on Windows

membuka file HEIC

IOS 11 devices start using high-efficiency image formats to store camera photos. When a photo file is sent to Windows and the image cannot be opened or displayed.

The files are in the HEIC and HEVC format, this is a new file format. The HEIC format is an image type file that is better than JPEG, because it has a better compression level. One of the interesting things is if compared to JPEG, the size can be 2 times smaller.

While the HEVC file is a type of video compression format, also known as H.265.

Windows is not supported for viewing and opening HEIC and HEVC file formats. However, users can use third-party applications to view and open HEIC and HEVC files. Content

Windows 10 users can already use it to open and view HEIF files on Windows photos. This support starts from the April 2018 Update update. This feature is not activated by default. So you are required to install the codec, when you want to open the photos application to view the HEIC fromat.

When clicking the link to install the codec, and directed to the store – it says that it costs 13 thousand. However, you can install it at a free price through a different link.

Open HEIC & HEVC files in Windows 10 applications (April 2018 Update)

To open a file with a HEIF extension. You can open the link => Store HEIF Image Extensions, to get the HEIF Extension codec.

Open the HEIF format for Windows 10
HEIF Image Extensions

Important Users need HEIF Image Extensions and HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer to open the .HEIC extension. That’s because HEIF files with the .HEIC extension are compressed using the HEVC algorithm.

To get the HEVC codec, open the link => HEVC Store Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer.

Open the HEVC Windows 10 format
HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer

When open, maybe in the browser click Get , and it will go to Store. On the Store Click Install to install the codec.

Both extensions can work in File Explorer, Films & TV, and Windows Photos.

Windows 10 HEIC files
Windows 10 File Heic

HEVC videos that are played will run smoothly on a Windows PC that supports modern hardware – the latest graphics cards and processors. Otherwise, the quality of the video playing will decrease.

Alternative for Windows 7 or Windows 8

Tool for HEIC file support in Windows, easy use – just install and use, the tool is called CopyTrans HEIC for Windows, which you can get for FREE.

The tool above is not for video formats, so it’s just a picture. To open HEVC video files you can use MPC-HC.

This tool will add full support to the Windows System. The HEIC thumbnails will be visible in File Explorer, and opened with Windows Photo Viewer.

Convert HEIC to JPEG

You can do the way to convert HEIC files to JPEG using the above tool (CopyTrans HEIC).

You can use this tool easily to make HEIC files to JPEG with a few clicks. Just right-click the .heic file, then select Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans.

Plus this tool supports Microsoft Office, so you can embed HEIC images into documents through the Microsoft Office application.

For other alternatives, you can use the internet to convert HEIC to JPEG files. Open the site, and upload photos – you can also drag or drag files and put them on web pages.

This new format file is indeed good in terms of quality, especially you can use it to save storage space.

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