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This plant is effective for repelling mosquitoes at home

There are plants that are effective in preventing and repelling mosquitoes at home. And of course it will always be useful in the future. What are those plants!

Aedes aegypti mosquito can cause dengue fever. The appearance of large numbers of mosquitoes in an environment usually occurs after the rainy season.

Characteristics of white and black patterned Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes on parts of the body. And has a small form.

Nyamuk aedes aegypti
Ciri-ciri Nyamuk Aedes Aegypti

How You Can Get Rid of Many Mosquitoes in Homes

There are many ways to overcome these emerging mosquitoes. Like making a mosquito trap, using a fogging tool.

To prevent or avoid mosquito bites, people also use mosquito nets to protect their bedrooms.

Indeed it also needs to be done. There are other ways to deal with mosquitoes by natural means. That is driving him away with plants. It will be very effective and practical to repel mosquitoes in the future. After all, the maintenance is not too difficult.

There are 4 plants that are not liked by mosquitoes – suitable for repelling mosquitoes and preventing dengue.



Not only as a flavoring / food fragrance. Lemongrass or commonly called lemongrass can be used to repel mosquitoes.

That’s why lemongrass is often used as an ingredient in making aromatherapy candles or mosquito repellents.

How to implement it, you can plant lemongrass around the window of the house. To prevent mosquitoes from entering through the window.



Orange Purut which can scent this food, it was also not liked by mosquitoes.

For its utilization, you can plant it on the home page. That will prevent the yard from becoming a place for mosquitoes to nest.

If you have fruit you can use the fruit to repel mosquitoes at home. Place the juice in the room.

Mosquito Repellent Flowers – Geranium

Geranium flowers
Geranium flowers

Geraniums are not preferred by mosquitoes because of geraniol and citronellol content. This makes it effective to repel mosquitoes.

Plant geraniums in pots and place them in the room (guest or room). Or hang it on the home page. Maintenance and maintenance is not too difficult.

Besides avoiding the family from mosquito bites. The charm of beautiful and striking flower colors can make a decoration for the house.


Zodia plant
Zodia plant

The Zodia plant has long been used as a very effective mosquito and insect repellent tool.

The leaves of the Zodia plant can dispel mosquitoes by more than 70 percent. In addition, body parts that are bitten by mosquitoes can heal quickly if rubbed with zodia leaves.

Zodia can be planted between flowers or bushes. This plant will later emit scent if the leaves rub against each other.

Not only as a mosquito repellent. Zodia leaves can be used to cure itching and bumps on parts of the body that are bitten by mosquitoes. With enough rubbing it to the body part that was bitten by the mosquito.

Lavender – Anti Mosquito Flowers


Purple lavender flowers that have a fragrant aroma. Of course people will like it, but not for mosquitoes.

The ingredients of linalool and lynalyl acetate in lavender are avoided by mosquitoes.

You can plant this flower in a pot and place it near a window or door. To prevent mosquitoes from entering the house.

How do you want to try using the plant above to fight mosquitoes in your home.

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